1. Neutral lamp lock-out

    The integrated system electronics are configured so as to disable the remote and on-board switch signal when the neutral lamp is NOT on. (when the transmission is in gear).

    This stops the ride height being changed when the motorcycle is in gear.

  2. Droop Function

    At all times, the un-sprung mass of the rear suspension can return to full droop position. The hydraulic ram/actuators design allow the rear wheel to droop freely irrespective of the ride height setting. This is of major benefit to motorcycle stability as the rear tyre contact patch will always be pushed downwards onto the ground by the rear suspension weight.

    Most Softail® threaded lowering kits hold the rear suspension at the lowered position which can allow the rear tyre to break traction especially on wet and rough surfaces.

  3. Oil leakage/drain control

    In the unlikely event that the hydraulic rubber bladder system tank or related hydraulic components release fluid, this fluid will be absorbed by the neoprene rubber sheet under the power unit. Any further subsequent flow will be directed through drain holes that are designed to channel fluid away from the rear tyre.

  4. On-board toggle switch

    In the event of the remote control key fob having flat batteries or being lost, there is an integrated toggle switch mounted next to the transmission side cover that allows easy operation and adjustment of the ride height system.