• 1

    Slamtail is a fully designed and engineered system using an on-board Electro-Hydraulic Power Unit that lengthens and shortens two hydraulic rams attached to your Harley spring/shock assemblies.

  • 2

    The power unit can generate over 1000psi fluid pressure, when transferred to the rams, gives them a retracting force of over one ton per ram.

  • 3

    The fluid is passed through high quality aerospace spec stainless-steel braided PTFE hydraulic hoses which are swaged at both ends (not crimped), and pressure tested to over 4000PSI.

  • 4

    The Hydraulic Power Unit is installed under the engine/transmission in a little pocket all Twin-Cam Softails have.

  • 5

    Attached neatly to the motor body is a specially designed extruded aluminium housing that contains all the electronics which control the electric motor via remote control.

  • 6

    The whole assembly is protected from the weather and road grime by a 16-gauge thick pressed steel plate, that is powder-coated over zinc-plate, attaching to the underside brackets at 4 points.

  • 7

    The 2 hydraulic actuator rams that screw onto the OEM Harley spring shock units are precision manufactured from aerospace grade steel and aluminium alloys.

  • 8

    Each actuator assembly has a full travel of 7/8" which when translated through the suspension motion ratio of 3:1, gives you a total change in ride at the wheel of over 2½

  • 9

    When the actuator reaches the top of it's stroke, an internal pressure relief valve kicks in, now release the UP button.

  • 10

    When the actuator reaches the bottom of it's stroke, an internal relief valve kicks in, now release the DOWN button.